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The Hereafter (Aakhira)

The Hereafter (Aakhira)
• Every Muslim must believe in the Hereafter (Aakhira).
• Our life in this world is a test to see if we are good people.
• Our life in this world is only for a short period of time.
• We live in this world to prepare for the Aakhira and to do good deeds to reach Jannah.
• We have tests and exams in the school and madrasa to see who gets good results and who performs poorly. In the same way, Almighty Allah will judge us to see how we did on the test of this life, when the world ends. We will be asked questions about how we spent our lives, what good deeds did we do and what bad deeds we commited. We will be judged about how much we love Allah and our Beloved Prophet. If we pass the test and Almighty Allah is pleased with us, we will go into Jannah. But if we fail, we will be thrown into the Fire of Jahannam (Hell).
• To prepare ourselves for the Aakhira, we have to obey the Commands of Almighty Allah and our Beloved Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.
• The people who go into Jannah will live forever in happiness, but those who are in Hell will be surrounded by punishment.
Questioning in the Grave
• A person is asked three questions in the grave which are:
1. Mann rabbuka (who is your Lord)?
The answer to this question is, Allahu Rabbi (Almighty Allah is my Lord).
2. Maa deenuka (what is your religion)?
The answer to this question is, deen al Islam (my religion is Islam).
3. Ma qunta taqoolu fi haazar Rajul (what did you have to say about this Man)?
The answer to this question is, huwa RasulAllah (he is the Messenger of Allah).
• All these answers will only be given by Muslims but the Kuffar will not know any of the answers. They will say ‘ha ha laa adri’ (ah, I do not know!)
• After these questions have been asked and answered, the Muslims will be rewarded by Almighty Allah. The angels of Almighty Allah will arrive to punish the Kuffar.
The Day of Judgement (Qiyama)
Qiyama is that day in which everybody and everything left in the world will die. At that time only Almighty Allah will be Living because He is Eternal.
• The angel Israfeel will blow the Sur (Horn). The sound will be so loud that everything will become unconscious and die. Then Israfeel, alayhis salaam, will also die.
• The Sur is a pipe that is shaped like the horn of an animal.
• When everything and everybody dies, Almighty Allah will bring Israfeel, alayhis salaam, back to life. He will blow the Sur again and every soul will become alive once again. Then Allah will judge our deeds.
• We do not know exactly when Qiyama will happen. This is only known to Almighty Allah. He has taught some knowledge about it to His special servants. All we know is that Qiyama will fall on the 10th of Muharram and on a Friday.
• Our Beloved Prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, has also taught us about many signs which will occur before Qiyama. These signs will warn us that Qiyama is near. Some of those signs are:
a. People will commit many sins.
b. People will do many Haraam (forbidden) things.
c. People will disrespect their parents.
d. People will follow the Kuffar (non-Muslims) more, instead of the Muslims.
e. People will not be trustworthy. You will not be able to trust people.
f. Muslims will not want to give Zakah (charity).
g. Islamic knowledge will become less learnt.
h. People will become very greedy and chase after the worldly things.
i. Singing and dancing will become more common.
j. People will wish to live in big houses and ignore the poor people.
k. Foolish people will become leaders.
l. There will be many earthquakes and disasters around the world.
m. Men will dress like women and women will dress like men.
[information extracted from Islamic Deeniyat Part 1 by the Imam Ahmad Raza Academy – with some edits and modifications]


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