Friday, 10 August 2012

Stories of the Prophets: Prophet Adam

Prophet Adam was the first man ever created. 
Allah made him out of clay and gave him life.
Then Allah ordered the angels to bow to him out of respect.
They all obeyed Allah's Command - but one angel named Shaytan refused. This is because he was evil and arrogant, and he thought he was better than Prophet Adam. Allah does not like it when people are arrogant. He loves people who are humble and show kindness to others. So this act of Shaytan made Almighty Allah angry, and He threw Shaytan out of Paradise.
Almighty Allah then told Prophet Adam to live in Paradise. Paradise was a beautiful place, with rivers and fruits and trees, and great blessings. Almighty Allah then created Lady Hawa, who is also called Eve, and she became Prophet Adam's wife. Prophet Adam was very happy.
However, there was one special tree in Paradise that he was not allowed to eat from. Almighty Allah told him to stay away from its fruit. It was forbidden.
Shaytan was now extremely jealous of Prophet Adam, because Allah loved Prophet Adam and gave him great blessings and comforts. He also thought Prophet Adam was the reason why Allah threw him out of Paradise. So he wanted revenge.
Shaytan was very cunning and he found out that Prophet Adam and Lady Hawa were not allowed to eat fruit from the special tree. So he pretended to be their friend, and told them that the fruit of the special tree had great powers. He told them that anyone who ate those fruits would live forever. Prophet Adam and Lady Hawa believed Shaytan's words, but he was tricking them. He wanted them to eat the fruit so that Allah would be angry with them. They became tempted and so they ate the forbidden fruit.
Almighty Allah became very displeased with Prophet Adam and Lady Hawa for disobeying Him. They realised that they had done something wrong, and they asked Allah to forgive them. Allah forgave them. Then Allah told them that Shaytan had tricked them, and that he lied because he is an enemy to all mankind. 
From that day, Allah cursed Shaytan with His Mighty Anger, and sent Prophet Adam and Lady Hawa to live on Earth.


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