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Refutation of Wahabis Claim that Abu hanifa [rah] was aganist Tawassul

Refutation of Wahabi [pseudo salafi] Claim that Abu hanifa [rah] was aganist Tawassul
Wahabi Quote:
Wahabis quote

Bishr ibn al -Valeed said: Aboo Yoosuf narrated to us, that Aboo Haneefah said: “It is not right that anyone should supplicate to Allaah except by Him, and I hate that anyone should say: ‘By the glory of Your Throne’ or ‘By the right of Your creation’.”” This is also the saying of Aboo Yoosuf. Aboo Yoosuf said: “The One who gives glory to the Throne is Allaah, so I do not hate that, but I hate that anyone should say: ‘By the right of so and so’ or ‘By the right of Your Prophets and Messengers’ or ‘By the right of the Sacred House, and the Sacred Area"...
[al -Qudooree, Figh book Sbarhul -Kharkbee, chapter of detested matters].

Answering fabricated objection on Imam Abu hanifa (Rah) statement
Imàm Abu Hanïfa (Rah) nowhere objected to tawassul but only – as narrated from Abu Yosuf in Kitàb al-Àthàr–to the use of a specific wording in supplication, namely, “by the right You owe to So-and-so” (bi-haqqi fulàni ‘alayk), or “by the joints of power and glory in Your Throne” (bima ‘àqidal-‘izzmin‘arshik).
[Cf. al-Zabïdï, It hàf (2:285) and Ibn Abï al-‘Izz, Sharhal-‘Aqïda al-Tahàwiyya (1988 9th ed. p. 237).]
The reason for this is that, on the one hand, Allàh owes no-one any right whatso ever except what He Himself permits, This is belief of Sunni muslims too ,

We on Waseela always believe that Qadir, Fa'il and doer is Allah alone ...and Waseela is just a request through Prophet and Awliya "NOT SOMETHING WHICH IS OBLIGATORY UPON ALLAH OR HE HAS NO RIGHT TO REJECT", This is wrong way of making Tawassul believing that Allah has obligation to Help, its Allah's will whether he accepts or rejects not ours , Mashallah Imam Abu Hanfia (rah) has narrated the correct aqeeda, Allah u akbar
Also On the other hand, “by the right owed so-and-so” is an oath and is therefore a formula restricted to Allàh Himself on pains of shirk.
Imàm Abu Hanïfa said: “Let one not swear any oath except by Allàh alone, with a pure affirmation of tawhïd and sincerity.”[Cf. al-Kasànï, Badà’i‘ al-Sanà’i‘ (3:8).]
alhamduliallah, i believe the same too, Allah (swt) has no obligation to help , But its Allah (swt) will whether he accepts Tawassul or rejects it and gives the person Jaza in Akhira

Also, Allamah Ibn 'Abidin stated in his Radd Al Muhtar:

قوله لأنه لا حق للخلق على الخالق ) قد يقال إنه لا حق لهم وجوبا على الله تعالى ، لكن الله سبحانه وتعالى جعل لهم حقا

من فضله أو يراد بالحق الحرمة والعظمة

(And his saying that there is no right of the creation on the Creator) He said that there is no right on Allah that He is compelled (wujuban) to fulfill. But Allah alloted to them rights from His grace or willingness with the right of sanctity and greatness.

Proof # 1 : Tawassul of Abu hanifa [rah]

Imam Abu hanifa (Rah) himself Said Ya Rasool Allah [saw] at Prophet (Saw) Grave

Abu Hanifa An Nafi An Ibn Umar, Qaal: The appropriate way is that you turn towards the grave of Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam) coming from the qibla while HAVING YOUR BACK TOWARDS QIBLA, FACING DIRECTLY TOWARDS THE QABR AND SAY PEACE BE UPON YOU [Ya Rasool Allah] O PROPHET OF ALLAH AND HIS RAHMAH AND BARAKAH
(Musnad Imam Abu Hanifa, Bab Ziyarah Qabr an Nabi Salallaho alaihi wasalam)

Proof # 2 : Tawassul of Abu hanifa [rah]
Mujtahid, Imam ibn al-Humam (d. 861 AH), mentioned from Imam Abu Hanifa in his Fath al-Qadir (Sharh al-Hidaya) the following narration

أن زيارة النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قريبة من الوجوب ولما زار الإمام أبو حنيفة المدينة المنورة وقف أمام قبره الشريف وقال
يا أكرم الثقلين يا كنز الورى *** جد لي بجودك وأرضني برضاك
أنا طامع في الجود منك ولم يكن *** لأبي حنيفة في الأنام سواك

"When Imam Abu Hanifa visited Medina, he stood in front of the honorable grave (of the Prophet) and said,

"O (YA), most honorable of the Two Weighty Ones (humankind and jinn)!

O (YA), treasure of mankind, shower your generosity upon me and please me with your pleasure.

I am aspiring for your generosity, and there is no one for Abu Hanifa in the world but you."


Proof # 3: Tawassul of Abu hanifa [rah]

The Imam Azam Abu Hanifa Numan ibn Thabit (ra) writes in his famous Qasida-i Maymuna-i Mubaraka also known as Durru Maknun about Prophet (Saleh ala waalih wasalam that
"You [Muhammad saw] are the one, with Adam made Tawassul
and even he was your father, he was rescued"

When the Halil made Dua to you, the fire became cool
against your bright Noor the fire was calmed."
"Prophet Ayyub[aleh islam] made Dua to you, when he was sick
All his sickness was deleted, when he made Dua to you!"
"So is Musa making all the time Tawassul with you
on the day of judgement he will search help by you!" (Bayt 9-13)

"Make Shafaat for this poor ya Rasulullah Madat!
I did came to your door, begging for richness by you!" (Bayt 49)


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