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Martyrdom of Imam al-Hussain (Radhi Allah Anhu)

Martyrdom of Imam al-Hussain (Radhi Allah Anhu)

The Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam) said: Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain [Narrated by Tirimdhi in Merits of Al-Hassan and Hussain, Hadith No.3708, where he declared it Hasan (fair)]

The major trait of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah is immense love for the family of Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) especially his grandsons whom he himself loved immensely, to write a detailed biography on merits of his 2 grandsons would require uncountable pages, therefore we have taken detailed extracts from the famous Al Bidayah Wal Nihayah, mentioning virtues of Imam Hussain (Radhi Allah Anhu), his martyrdom, “What actually happened, who was behind his martyrdom, who fought him, where when, how and why?” and how we should remember him.

The Bouquet of flowers!

Below are detailed extracts from Imam Ibn Kathir (Rahimuhullah)'s famous Al Bidayah Wal Nihayah - Volume 8 Pages 195-250

Imam Ibn Kathir (rah) writes: You are Hussain bin Ali bin Abi Talib bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim Abu Abdullah al Qarshi al Hashimi (Radhi Allaho Anho), the grandson (of Prophet), son of his daughter Fatima Az Zahra (Radhi Allah Anha), bouquet of flowers for Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam) in this world who got martyred in Karbala. You were born after your brother Al-Hassan(RA) who was born in 3 AH … and martyred at the age of 54 on the day of Friday the 10th Muharram.

It is narrated from Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam) that he placed his (blessed) saliva on his Lips, made dua for him and named him Hussain (RA).. Zubair bin Bakkar(rah) narrated that Imam Hassan (RA) resembled the Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam)’s looks whereas Imam Hussain (RA) resembled the Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam)’s body….

The Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam) used to honour them both and deal with them very gently, the net result is that Hussain (RA) lived during the times of Prophet (Salallaho alaihi wasalam) and attained his Suhbah till the Prophet (saw) died being happy with him [Note: This is perfect example of him being a Sahabi, whereas Yazid was not, so those who send Yazid to paradise and hypocritically use Radhi Allah with him though they deem it impermissible for other non- Sahaba should have some shame and fear Allah]

Hadrat Abu Bakr (RA) used to respect you immensely, so did Umar (RA) and Usman (RA), you stayed with your father (Ali RA) and narrated from him, also took part in the battles of Jamal and Safeen alongside your father, you were an obedient son till finally your father got martyred…..When Ameer Mu’awiya (RA) became Khalifa, you used to visit him with your brother and Mu’awiya (RA) used to honour you by welcoming you with many gifts, It is said that he gave you both 2 hundred thousand dirhams in a single day

Invitations from People of Kufa

When during the lifetime of Mu’awiya (RA) the Bayah of Yazid was taken, you along with Hadrat Ibn Zubayr(RA), Hadrat Abdur Rahman bin Abi Bakr (RA), Ibn Umar (RA) and Ibn Abbas (RA) rejected to give Bayah to him, Ibn Abi Bakr (ra) passed away on this opinion but when Ameer Mu’awiya (RA) died in 60 AH, Hadrat Ibn Abbas (ra) and Ibn Umar (ra) agreed to give bayah to Yazid (i.e. because of their Ijtihad due to hadith which tell us to obey the ruler even if we see bad traits in him) whereas Imam Hussain (RA) and Hadrat Ibn Zubayr (RA) firmly refused to do so and both of them migrated to Makkah.[because their Ijtihad was more right i.e. an Ameer is to be followed untill he is obedient to Islam and does not order injustice, Yazid was a drunkard, listened to Music, and had other bad habits]

When people found out about death of Ameer Mu’awiya they stuck to Iqtida of Imam Hussain (RA) and started to visit and listen to him, Ibn Zubayr (RA) also used to roam around Ka’ba but in presence of Hussain (RA) he knew that people would give more respect and precedence to Hussain rather than him, however when the Yazidis who wanted to martyr you (i.e. Ibn Zubayr) were in the beginning defeated and you even got your own brother beaten and imprisoned, your importance increased in the sight of people but still people used to respect Imam Hussain (RA) more than you and stuck to him because he was grandson of Prophet (saw), son of his daughter and during that time there was none like him, inspite of all that the Yazidi kingdom became enemy of you.

The Invitation by Kufans

The People of Iraq started to send you many letters of invitation; this was during the time when they got aware of Ameer Mu’awiya (RA)’s death, rule of Yazid being established and you taking shelter in Mecca…. Hence many messengers with their letters gathered around Imam Hussain (RA) and started to persuade him… Imam Hussain (RA) sent Muslim bin Aqeel (RA) to Iraq so that he could investigate

The Yazidees/Kufans welcome Muslim bin Aqeeel(ra)

The Martyrdom of Muslim bin Aqeel (RA)

When Muslim bin Aqeel (RA) left Mecca for Iraq, he passed through Madina from where he picked up 2 guides, but they took you on a wrong way through jungle, one of them died due to thirst and thus you got strayed, then the second guide also passed away. Muslim bin Aqeel (RA) did not take this as a positive sign and he stopped right there, He wrote to Imam Hussain (RA) regarding this, Imam Hussain (RA) swore upon Allah and told him to keep on going so that they can find out the reality of Ahlul Kufa.

Muslim bin Aqeel (RA) finally reached Kufa where he got off at the house of Muslim bin Asadi, some said it was Mukhtar ibn Ubaid Thaqafi and Allah knows the best.

When people of Kufa heard about your arrival, they gathered around you and took bayah on your hand for the Khilafah of Imam Hussain (RA), they also took an oath that they will help you with their lives and properties, at that time 12,000 people agreed to give bayah, this number soon increased to 18,000[other narrations say that it reached 40,000], then Muslim bin Aqeel (RA) wrote to Imam Hussain (RA) that he should now come to Iraq as the passage was clear and people were ready to give bayah, Imam Hussain left Mecca upon this Message (Note: from these passages some might think that Imam Hussain RA was actually betrayed by Kufans and he was not properly informed, whereas when I shall finish Insha ALLAH it will be clear that Imam Hussain kept his Jihad active even after knowing the hypocrisy of Kufans and Yazidis)

The news spread rapidly, the Ameer of Kufa, Nauman bin Basheer rose up and made a speech saying: Do not indulge in dispute and fitnah, stay united together, follow the sunnah of Prophet (saw), whosoever does not fight me, I will not fight him (i.e. Muslim bin Aqeel) but I swear upon Him besides whom there is none worthy of worship, If you stop following your Imam and broke the pledge on his hand, then I will fight you...

The first Major blunder of Yazid

…at this a man known as Abdullah bin Muslim bin Sh’uba stood up and said O Ameer you have shown cowardice whereas this matter is dealt with bravery, at this Nauman replied: I give precedence to cowardice in obedience of Allah than bravery in his disobedience, that man quickly conveyed this message to Yazid by writing a letter to him, Ammara bin Uqba and Umro bin S’ad bin Abi Waqqas also conveyed this message to Yazid. Yazid quickly snatched the powers from hands of Nauman and made UbaidUllah ibn Ziyad the Hakim of Kufa along with Basra,Yazid did this on advice of his slave called Sarjoon from whom he used to take advices, Sarjoon said (deceivingly): If Ameer Mu’awia (RA) were alive, would you accept his advice? Yazid said ofcourse why not, Sarjoon then said: obey me and oppoint UbaydUllah ibn Ziyad as Hakim of Kufa [Note: This was the first major blunder of Yazid to safeguard his own Malookiyah]

Yazid then wrote to Ibn Ziyad: When you reach Kufa, the first thing you should do is ask for Muslim bin Aqeel, If you get hold of him then kill him instantly or send him out of country (May Allah’s Lanah be upon Yazid for giving this order)… Ibn Ziyad went towards Kufa and entered it wearing black turban, whenever he passed by any person he said As Salam o Alaykum and people also replied with Wa Alaykum as salam and welcomed him thinking that it was Imam Hussain (RA) as they were waiting for him too. He arrived in Kufa with 17 people and soon vast number of people gathered around him, suddenly Muslim bin Uqba said on behalf of Yazid Get back O people this is the Ameer Ubaud Ullah Ibn Ziyad, when people heard this they become extremely sad and confused.

Muslim bin Aqeel (ra) does not kill Ibn Ziyad!

Ubayd Ullah gave 3000 dirhams to his slave Muaqal and ordered him to visit different houses by saying that Ibn Ziyad has only come to give bayah (but to indirectly find where people were giving bayah to Muslim bin Aqeel) … (then there is a long story of how the slave found Muslim bin Aqeel, tried to outsmart him but Muslim bin Aqeel the great found out his reality and turned the tables around and soon Muslim changed his location to house of Sharik who was amongst the top leaders). Sharik got informed that UbaydUllah wants to meet him, Sharik sent a message through Hani that he should send Muslim bin Aqeel to his house so that he can kill Ibn Ziyad. When Muslim arrived Sharik advised him to hide in the camp and when Ibn Ziyad sits down, he shall call for water and then point towards you, you should then come and kill him, however when Ibn Ziyad came and sat, Sharik pointed towards Muslim but he changed his mind and did not come out from the hidden place, rather a slave-girl came with a bowl of water and she saw Muslim hiding in the camp which made her turn back. Sharik asked for water again by saying: Give me water even if my life has to be taken!

Soon the guard of (Ibn Ziyad) understood all this, he quickly gestured towards Ibn Ziyaad and he got up from the place and went out and then ran away. Sharik said to Muslim bin Aqeel, WHAT STOPPED YOU FROM KILLING HIM? We could have easily killed him today. (Muslim RA) said: I remembered a saying of Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam) that he said: Imaan is opposite of attacking in Ghaflah and a Momin never attacks in Ghaflah, therefore I did not like to kill him in your house. (Sharik) said: If you had killed him then you would have only killed a cruel/Fajir person. After three days Sharik passed away himself.

Strict search orders and Muslim bin Aqeels courage

UbaydUllah ibn Ziyaad after Isha got down from his palace, addressed his governing party asking them to immediately bring Muslim bin Aqeel to him, he gave strict search orders i.e. if he is found in house of someone and that person does not tell about him then he shall be killed too, whereas those who inform about him shall be rewarded, his police searched houses and in the house of an old lady her son after threats from police told whereabouts of Muslim bin Aqeel, Ibn Ziyad sent 70-80 horsemen and the house where Muslim bin Aqeel resided was surrounded without him finding it out, then they entered the house and you (Sayyidna Muslim bin Aqeel Radhi Allaho Anho) brought your sword out and pushed them out 3 times, but both your lips got severely injured, soon they started to throw rocks at you and started to brun the ropes (to burn the house), Your heart got extremely annoyed with what they did and you went ahead with your sword one last time.

Abdur Rahman said you will be dealt with peacefully, hence you gave your hand to him and you were put on a donkey back, your sword was taken from you and you even lost control over yourself and you also cried at that time as you knew that soon you will be martyred, so you became disappointed in yourself and said Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun, a man close to you said: A person who is searched upon like you does not cry like this, you replied: By Allah Im not crying upon myself but Imam Hussain, rather I cry for his children because they have set off towards you from Mecca, then you turned towards Muhammad bin Ashash and told him to take your message to Imam Hussain (RA) , but the messenger inbetween refused to take it and said whatever has been decided by Allah has to happen.

The historians say that when Muslim bin Aqeel (RA) reached the door of Ibn Ziyad there was a group of Sahaba present there whom you recognized and they were asking for permission to talk with Ibn Ziyaad...

Ibn Ziyaad's false accusations

…Muslim bin Aqeel’s face and clothes were dripping with blood and you were also extremely thirsty,upon entering you saw a bucket of cold water which you wanted to hold but it was snatched from your hands and the man sad: By Allah you will not be allowed to drink from it until you drink the boiling water (i.e. water of Hell fire Naudhobillah), You replied: May you perish, you talk to me about boiling water and Hell? Whereas you deserve it more to be in Hell fire. Then you sat down with extreme thirst and took a painful breath.

However your slave Ammara bin Uqba brought you some water from your house, he brought it covered under a handkerchief, he gave the water to you but due to severe injuries on your face and blood you were not able to drink it, you tried to drink again and took just one sip but your teeth fell down in the bowl of water, at this you said Alhamdulillah Allah had only written 1 sip of water for me, after this you were taken to Ibn Ziyad (Lanat Ullah), when you stood infront of him you did not say salaam to him, the guard said wouldn’t you say salaam to to your ameer? You replied No! If he is intending to kill me then there is no need for me to say salaam to him and If he is is not then I will say Salaam to him.

Ibn Ziyad came near you and said: O Ibn Aqeel you came to create discord and make people fight with one another though they were united? You replied I have for sure not come for this purpose, however the people of city say that your father has killed their good men, treated them like Qaisar o Qasra treated their people, therefore I came to do Justice on the critera of Kitab (i.e. Quran). Ibn Ziyad said: O Fasiq (Naudhobillah) Such a great deed and that too from you? Why did you not do this work when you were busy drinking alcohol in Madina? You replied: I drink? By Allah He knows that you are not truthful and you have talked without knowledge, whereas you are more deserving of such character...

Magnificent answers by Muslim bin Aqeel (RA)

...and you are a person who takes life of that person whose life Allah has made sacred (in Quran), you kill for your ego and anger. Ibn Ziyad said: O Fasiq your nafs has misguided you and has become a shield between you and Allah and Allah did not consider you deserving for this job, you replied: Who is deserving for it then? He said: Ameer ul Momineen Yazid. You said: Alhamdulillah Ala Kulli Haal, we agree upon whatever decision Allah makes between us and you. Ibn Ziyad said: Do you assume any share in leadership? You replied: By Allah we don’t assume but we are certain. Ibn Ziyad said What If I kill you in a way in which nobody else was killed? You replied: Yes you are more deserving of innovating a Bidah in Islam which was not done by anyone before you, Ibn Ziyaad (in frustration) started to curse Imam Hussain (RA) Hadrat Ali (RA) and Hadrat Muslim remained quiet at this, then Ibn Ziyad said I am about to murder you, you asked just like this? He said Yes!, you said let me make some Wasiya to my people and he granted you permission

You looked attentively towards your people and Umaro bin Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas was also present amongst them. You said O Umar there is mutual relationship between you and me therefore I have an urgent need from you and it is a secret, therefore come towards a corner of this palace so that I can tell you, he refused to raise up with you until Ibn Ziyad told him to do so and he stood near Ibn Ziyad, Hadrat Muslim said: There is debt upon me in Kufa of 700 Dirhams kindly give it on my behalf, bury my body by asking permission from Ibn Ziyad and please inform Imam Hussain (RA) that I had written to him that people were with him and I think he is coming (but now people turned out to be deceivers), Ibn Abi Waqqas presented all these to Ibn Ziyad but Ibn Ziyad accepted all the Wasiyahs and said If Imam Hussain (RA) is coming towards us then we will not stop our hands over him too (i.e. martyr him too)

The Brutal murder of Muslim bin Aqeel (ra)

Ibn Ziyad ordered Muslim (RA) to be taken at the highest place of Palace and you started to say Takbir, did Tasbih/Astaghfar and said: O Allah do justice between us and those who betrayed us. Then a man sliced his sword on your neck and he was called Bakeer bin Hamran, then he threow your head from the top and after this threw your remaining body too.

A Poet said beautifully: If you do not know what death is then look at the martyrdom of Ibn Aqeel in market who was martyred on order of a (Jabir) Hakim and he became the tale of all travelers, Look at the breave man whose face was cut by swords. If you do not take revenge of your brother’s death then be happy with all you have like a Fuhash woman is happy with little gain.

Then Ibn Ziyad killed other people too who supported (Muslim bin Aqeel) and sent his head (Mubarak) to Yazid (Lanat Ullah) and even wrote letters to him about them.

Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (RA) in light of truth not Shi’ite Exaggerations
Akrama Narrated that his uncle asked Imam Hussain (RA):where do you plan to go? When you told him, he said: I tell you for the sake of Allah that If you do not return home then By Allah whosoever that is ahead of you none of them will safeguard you (i.e. the Kufis) nor will they fight for you, By Allah you are going amongst Spears and swords, I wish the people who had sent you the message would have informed you about the reality of ground and made things correct for you, this is only an advice to you O Imam. Hadrat Hussain (RA) replied:Whatever you have said is not hidden from me however Allah does not change his Amr (order) and after saying this you marched towards Kufa. Khalid bin Al Aas said: Many so called well-wishers have often betrayed and even killed.

The enemies made Imam Hussain (ra) lead in prayer

Al Mundhuri bin al Mashmal narrates that when Imam Hussain (ra) reached (Iraq) and got off, he quickly ordered his fighters to drink and collect water, also give water to their animals.. you made camps in the remote area, Hurr arrived with 1000 men and he was with the army sent by Ibn Ziyaad, they stood infront of you during daytime, at that time Imam Hussain (RA) along with his companions were wearing (black) turbans with swords hanging on their sides. Imam Hussain (RA) ordered his Ashaab to drink as much water as they can, provide water to their horses and also horses of the enemies. Many historians narrate that when the time for Dhuhr arrived, Hajjaj bin Masrooq said adhaan on order of Imam Hussain (RA) and Imam Hussain (RA) came out addressing both his companions and enemies explaining why he has come here and also that he received many letters from Ahlul Kufa i.e. they don’t have a (righteous) Imam and they will support him when he reaches and shall fight alongside him. After this the people stood for Salah, Imam Hussain (RA) said to Hurr (commander sent by Ibn Ziyad) do you want to lead your people in prayer? Hurr said No You lead us all and we will pray behind you (Subhan Allah).

Imam Hussain (RA) led them all in prayer, after this Imam Hussain (RA) returned back to your camp and your companions also gathered around you whereas Hurr returned back to his army and everyone was ready for orders at their places. When time for asr came Imam Hussain (RA) led them in prayer again, you addressed all of them once again and asked the enemy’s army to leave their battalion as their leader was a Dhalim (i.e. Ibn Ziyad). Hurr said: We don’t know who wrote letters to you, Imam Hussain (RA) brought out 2 big bags filled with letters and spread them infront of Hirr, he read some of the letters and said: We are not amongst those people who wrote you letters and we are ordered not to separate from you when we meet and to take you to Ibn Ziyad....

The bravery of Al-Hussain (RA)

…Imam Hussain (RA) said: Dying is more worthy than doing this (i.e. going to Fajir/Fasiq/Dhalim Ibn Ziyad).

Imam Hussain (RA) said to his companions to ride their horses, and the ladies (of his family) also got ready, when you planned to go back the enemy stood inbetween your way and stopped you. Imam Hussain (RA) said to Hurr, May your mother lose you, what do you want? Hurr said: By Allah if amongst Arabs someone else had said this to me I would have taken Qisas and not spared that person’s mother, however we cannot mention your great mother except in good terms (i.e. Hadrat Fatima RA).Hurr said: I have not been ordered to fight you, but I have just been ordered not to get separate from you until I bring you to Ibn Ziyad in Kufa.Imam Hussain (RA) started to walk the other way, Hurr started to walk with you too and said: O Hussain (RA) I remind you of your life in the name of Allah and I bear witness that If you fight then you will be killed! Imam Hussain (RA) replied: You are trying to scare me of death? I will give the same reply as was given by a person from the tribe of Aws when he was going to help Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam) his brother said: Where are you going? I am sure you will be killed, at this the former replied:

“I will go right now, and when a young man makes intention to seek truth and he is also not culprit of anything then Death cannot come inbetween him (even if he is martyred).

When Hurr heard this poetry from you, he along with his Ashaab turned away from you but still walked along (i.e. followed) and then 4 messengers came on their horses praising Imam Hussain (RA), Hirr tried to come inbetween them and Hussain (RA) but Imam Hussain (RA) stooped Hurr (and he agreed), when the messengers came near Hussain you asked them: Tell me about people from whom you have come , one amongst them answered: The leaders are against you and they have bribed people immensely and filled their bags (with wealth) and from this they have bought them...

The Messenger of Imam Hussain (ra) martyred

…some people who support you today, their swords will be against you tomorrow. Imam Hussain (RA) said: What do you know about my messenger (who brought messages to me) He asked who is your messenger? You said: Qais bin Mashar as Sayyid. They said: Ohh Yes Ibn Numayr captured him and took him to Ibn Ziyad. Ibn Ziyad ordered your messenger to send Lanah upon you and your father (i.e. Hadrat Ali), but the messenger praised you and your father rather sent Lanah upon Ibn Ziyad and his father instead (cant help laughing at this). Ibn Ziyad became angry and ordered him to be thrown from the top of his palace, he was thrown and he got martyred.Imam Hussain (RA)’s eyes got shut (and he cried) and you recited this verse: Among the Believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah: of them some have completed their vow (to the extreme), and some (still) wait: but they have never changed (their determination) in the least: (33:23)

Then you said: O Allah make Jannah a residing place for him, gather him and us with your mercy.

At this Ibn Adi said to Imam Hussain (RA): Look what you have with yourself, I see with you nothing but a small group (of ahlul bayt and few other Mujahideen), whereas I see even the outer area of Kufa being jam packed with horses and armies. I ask you by Allah not to move another inch towards them. Imam Hussain (RA) said to him: May Allah give you Jaza but did not accept his proposal, Ibn Adi said Al Widah to you and Imam Hussain (RA) marched towards Kufa (Allahu Akbar, May our parents be taken ransom for the bravery of this great grandson of Prophet salallaho alaihi wasalam, without any doubt Hussain is from Prophet and Prophet is from Hussain as sahih Hadith states)

The Tragedy of Karbala

Then you marched towards the left and reached Nainwa, there you saw a man with a crossbow coming on his horse, he came and said Salam to Hurr but did not say Salam to you...

Imam Hussain (RA) did not want to kill Muslims!

...he gave a letter to Hurr regarding Imam Hussain (RA) which stated that he should stay with Imam Hussain (RA) all the time during his journey in Iraq till the time that the forces (of Ibn Ziyad) meet him and this was the day of 2nd Muharram, the next day Ibn S’ad with 4000 men made his camps outside Kufa (i.e. entrance) on orders of Ibn Ziyad. When they heard about Imam Hussain (RA) coming Ibn Ziyaad told Ibn S’ad to reach him first and finish all the things before Imam Hussain reaches here. Ibn Sa’d was hesitant to do this in the beginning, Ibn Ziyad said fair enough, then I will snatch the cities which are under your rule, on hearing this Ibn S’ad asked for time to think about this matter, whosoever he consulted that person stopped him from going towards Imam Hussain (RA) and his nephew Hamza bin Mughaira said to him: Save yourself from going towards Imam Hussain (RA), even if whole of the world is snatched from your rule it is better than meeting Allah with blood of Al-Hussain (RA) on your hands, at this he said Insha ALLAH I will not go.

Ibn Ziyad then gave him death threats, he got scared and marched towards Imam Hussain (RA) and met the companions of Imam Hussain (RA), he sent a messenger to Imam(RA) asking why he had come? Imam replied that Ahlul Kufa had written him letters of invitation, however now when they have rejected to help me, I am willing to go back and I will not fight you, When Ibn S’ad heard this he said I have faith that Allah will save me from fighting you, He also wrote this to Ibn Ziyad, Ibn Ziyad in return said: Become a wall between them and water (i.e. cut their supply to water) and say to Hussain (RA) that he should give bayah to Ameer ul Momineen Yazid (Lanat Ullah), unfortunately Ibn S’ad started to stop companions of Imam Hussain (RA) from drinking water.

Shimr makes sure that Imam Hussain is attacked!

Then Ibn Ziyad sent Shimr with orders i.e. If Hussain (RA) agrees then forgive him, if he does not then order Ibn S’ad to attack him, If Ibn S’ad hesitates then kill him too and then you will automatically become the leader of that army. Shimr wrote a strict letter to Ibn S'ad when he hesitated further, he said If you don’t bring Imam Hussain (RA) to him then he will rather fight you and your army. When Shimr reached Ibn S’ad’s army, Ibn S’ad said to him: May Allah destroy your house and whatever you have brought may Allah put curse into it, however Ibn S’ad did not back off and appointed Shimr as a deputy leader and they in the evening of 9th Muharram the day of Thursday started to attack Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions, Shimr stood up and said where are my nephews, at this the sons of Hadrat Ali (RA) i.e. Abbas, Abdullah, Jafar and Usman went towards him.

Shimr said you are in our Amaan (i.e. we give you peace), they replied: If you give us and the remaining Aaal of Nabi peace then fair enough otherwise we don’t want your so called peace, the narrator says that after this Ibn S’ad ordered his horsemen to get ready and march towards Imam Hussain (RA). Imam Hussain (RA) was sitting outside his camp and resting on it, you were a little sleepy at that time, however your sister heard the noises and she shouted to wake you up. When you woke up you said I just saw the Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam) in dream and he said you will for sure come to me tomorrow, hearing this she started to slap her cheecks and said O our Killing, O our killing, Imam said O sister there is no death written for you in all this so be silent, the Rahman will cover you with his Rahmah. Your brother Abbas bin Ali (RA) came to you and said people are coming towards you ask them what they want? So around about 20 horsemen came and Imam Hussain (RA) asked them what they wanted...

The Imam allows his companions to leave!

…they said the Ameer has given us orders that either you accept his orders or they will fight with you. The companions of Imam Hussain (RA) started to say what kind of evil people are you that you want to kill the family and loved ones of Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam)?Somehow the battle was delayed till next day upon agreement between Ibn S’ad and Shimr.(Note the water had been stopped from past 2 days)

Imam Hussain (RA) praised Allah, sent Darood upon Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam) and said to his companions: Whosoever of you wants to leave us can do so right now and he/she is given freedom, because w8ithout any doubt the enemy only wants me. Your brothers sons, nephews and other family members said together, there is none for us in this world after you (May Allah give us all Tawfiq to cry on this), May Allah not show us torture on you, Imam Hussain (RA) said O Bani Aqeel what happened to your brother Muslim (bin Aqeel) is not hidden from us now THEREFORE GO, I GIVE YOU OPEN PERMISSION!!!!, They said what will people say that we left the Master and best leader (of World) and we did not fire an arrow just because of lust of this world, By Allah we will not leave you, rather we will sacrifise our wealth, lives, our family upon you and we will fight along with you, We will keep on doing it and Allah will know that we did not leave the (family of Prophet) in his absence, one of them said If I knew that I would be martyred 1000 times in dfending you from harm then I will still do it and it shall be dear to me. Narrator says that they said: We will protect you as shields and those shields will be our chests, backs, hands and bodies and we will fulfill our duty by getting killed. (Allahu Akbar)

The historians explain that on the day of Friday Ibn S’ad led his companions in Fajr prayers, whereas on the other hand Imam Hussain (RA) led his companions for prayer. He had with him 33 men on horses and 40 on foot (including women), you arranged all in straight rows and sent the ladies back in camps..

The son fights like his fatther and grandfather!

…then there was a trench dug up behind camps and fire was set ablaze in it so that nobody attacks from behind.

Then the armies stood infront of eachother (from distance) and Imam Hussain came back to his camp where he performed Ghusl and wore perfume, after you other leaders came and they did the same, some even said what is this happening at this critical time? Another replied it is the best thing to do at this time (i.e. get ready to meet Allah in state of purity and good fragrance) another said: The distance between us and women with 2 beautiful eyes (i.e. Hoor) is just the time till we get martyred.

Shah Hussain (Alaih Salam, Radhi Allaho Anho) fights like a lion

Imam Hussain (RA) then rose upon his horse, then you looked towards your camps and people and made this following Dua:

“O Allah You are my support in every calamity, you are my hope in the time of severity”

Then your son Ali Bin Hussain (RA) rose on his horse too, at that time he was not feeling well, Imam Hussain (RA) addressed the people and said: Lend me your ears O people and they all turned towards him attentively, after Hamd and Sana you said:

O people If you obey me and do justice with me then you will become of the great followers, and if you don’t obey me then *he recited) “Get ye then an agreement about your plan and among your partners, so your plan be on to you dark and dubious. Then pass your sentence on me, and give me no respite” (10:71)

When your sisters and daughters heard this they raised their voices in cry, at this you said O Allah don’t keep Ibn Abbas (RA) away from your Rahmah i.e. When Ibn Abbas (RA) gave this advice to Imam Hussain (RA) that you should not take your women along and leave them in Makkah till your rule is established [This also proves that Ibn Abbas RA was with Imam Hussain by heart, whereas he only followed his valid ijtihad when he stopped Imam Hussain not to go], Then you sent your brother to the ladies and he made them quiet...

Hurr joins Imam Hussain (RA)

…then you started to mention your Nasb (lineage) your Sifaat (as were told by Prophet) infront of your enemies and asked them to awaken their souls that Is it right for them to fight someone like me? I am the son of your Prophet’s daughter and on this earth there is no son of your Prophet’s daughter right now. Hadrat Ali (Karam Allaho Wajahu) is my father and Hadrat Jafar (RA) is my uncle and Hadrat Hamza the Sayyid of Shuhada is my father’s uncle and The Prophet (saw) said to me and my brother that these 2 are leader of youth in paradise. So if you testify to my sayings then that will be truth and by Allah you may ask other Sahaba like Hadrat Jabir bin Abdullah (RA), Hadrat Sahl bin S’ad (RA), Hadrat Zaid bin Arqam (RA), Hadrat Anas bin Malik (RA) and they will inform you of all these, therefore May you perish, don’t you fear Allah in this regard? At this Shimr said: He worships Allah in isolation and whatever he is saying I already know.

Then you said O Thabit bin Rabi, O Hajaar bin Bahra, O Qais, O Zaid din’t you write letters to me that fields are green and you should come to us because for sure you will come towards a gathered army (willing to fight for you). They said we did not write these letters, You said: Subhan Allah I swear upon Allah that you wrote these letters.

The narrator explains that they still marched towards you the first group of people who marched towards you included 23 horsemen and HURR BIN ZIYAD WAS AMONGST THEM TOO, but when he came near he apologized to Imam Hussain (RA) and Imam Hussain accepted his apology, Hurr suddenly turned towards Ibn S’ad and said: MAY YOU DIE, Don’t you accept any of the sayings which the grandson of Prophet (saw) narrated from Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam) [Hurr Rahimuhullah became part of Imam Hussain’s Mujahideen]

Zuhayr came ahead from the Mujahideen of Imam Hussain and said: O People of Kufa Fear the wrath of Allah, It is Fardh upon one Muslim to be well-wisher of another and we are till this moment brothers...

The Khutba of Zuhayr (ra)

… and are upon 1 Deen until or unless sword is risen between us, this will break our relationship (in deen) and we will become separate groups. Allah has tested you and us on the critera of pregony of Muhammad (Salallaho alaihi wasalam) so that he can establish the difference between our and your deeds, we ask you to leave the group of Ibn Ziyad. The narrator says that the enemy’s army started to curse him and pray for Ibn Ziyad instead and said the time till we don’t kill your master and you we will not be satisfied.

Shimr said: Soon we are about to kill you and your master for sure, Zuhayr (ra) said: You are trying to scare me of death? By Allah it is dear for me to live with (Family of Prophet) rather than having your company in paradise.Then Zuhayr (RA) came to his people and said: O slaves of Allah don’t let this fool deceive you in regards to your Deen, By Allah these people who shall spill the blood of Prophet’s family they will never get Shafa of Muhammad (Salallaho alaihi wasalam).

Hurr said to Ibn S’ad: Are you going to fight with such (great) people? Ibn S’ad said Yes! By Allah I will till their heads are separated, their hands are scattered. Hurr was amongst the bravest men of Kufa, when he was warned about going towards Imam Hussain (RA), he said By Allah I am gambling between Paradise and Hell, however I swear upon Allah I will always chose paradise even if I am cut into pieces and then he stood by the side of Imam Hussain (Allahu Akbar, May Allah grant this ummah people like Hurr), Hurr addressed the enemies again and said: You have stopped us from drinking water of River of Faraat whereas even dogs and other animals drink from it, If you don’t do Tawbah today then Allah will not grant you water on the day of extreme thirst.

The Attack begins

Hearing this the archers started to fire arrows and Hurr stood infront of Imam Hussain (RA) [He did nto get martyred yet]

Then arrows started to fire in great number, Ibn Ziyad’s slave Yassar and Ubaid Ullah’s slave Salim came out and said WHO WILL FIGHT US? Hearing this Abdullah asked for Imam Hussain (RA)’s permission and went ahead to fight them, he killed Yassar first and then killed Salim too, however Salim’s attack took off all the fingers of his left hand.Then another person named Ibn Joza attacked and stood infront of Imam Hussain (RA) saying: Accept the glad tiding of hell fire (Naudhobillah), Imam Hussain (RA) said May you Die because Im going to the Lord of Rahmah and the greatest Shafi’I (i.e. Muhammad Salallaho alaihi wasalam), The historians say that when he returned back his own horse attacked him due to which he fell and his foot got stuck in the Riqaab, He said to Imam Hussain (RA) (even while being stuck) Im Ibn Joza, Imam Hussain (RA) raised his hands and made dua : O Allah enter him in hell fire, the horse dragged him and hit him to the tree which separated his leg and shin from body, the horse started to run wildly and his head got hit on every stone in the way due to which he finally died.

The historians mention that finally Shimr attacked with full throttle and with firm intention to martyr Imam Hussain (RA), Your Ashaab defended you with great courage, they started to compete with Ibn S’ad’s fighters until he sent 500 more of them and they all started to fire arrows at horses of Imam Hussain (RA)’s companions due to which all of them became severly injured until they could not ride the horses anymore, when they injured Hur’s horse, he came down from his horse and stood like a lion.

Shimr (May Allah’s curse be upon him) marched ahead and sshouted give me a torch (of fire) so that I can burn the camps and whatever is inside it, hearing this the woman inside started to scream and came out from the camps.

The Imam does not forget to pray even in battle!

…Imam Hussain (RA) said: May Allah burn you with fire, then one of shimr’s man came to him and said I have not seen a man with worst deeds and sayings than you, you want to make the women scared?

Zuhayr (ra) along with companions of Imam Hussain (RA) attacked on Shimr and killed one of his close companions, however when one of Imam Hussain (RA)’s companion got martyred there seemed to be a big space between them, but when one of Shimr’s companion died, his army seemed even bigger. At that time Dhuhr’s time arrived, Imam Hussain (RA) asked to stop everything so that they can pray, one of the Yazidis said Your order will not be accepted, at this Habib bin Mazhar (ra) said: May you perish, Aaal of Muhammad (salallaho alaihi wasalam)’s order is to be accepted not yours, and Habib fought severly till he killed the same person.

Then a person from Bani Tamim attacked Habib (ra) and struck him with a spear which made him fall, when he tried to rise Ibn Nubayr struck him with his word and finally the Bani Tamimi separated his head from the body (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun), When Habib’s son saw his fathers head he started to cry and said give me my fathers head so that I can bury it. The historians say that the kid stayed alive till he grew old and waited to see the murderer of his father (i.e. the cursed Bani Tamimi) until one day he found him doing Qalula and he killed him.

When Imam Hussain (RA) found out about martyrdom of Habib (ra), this made Imam Hussain (ra) weak and he said: I have lost myself, Hurr said By Allah I shall not let you die until I am killed, Today I will come infront of them and fight them severly and ionflict pain upon them.

Then Hurr and Zuhayr fought with extreme vigour and started to defend eachother in fight aswell, however some young men attacked Hurr and martyred him. After this there was some respite in war, Imam Hussain (ra) said the Salaat al Khawf and then he himself fought with extreme courage and his companions defended him wherever he went.

Nafi fires poisoness arrows!

…until they started to fall one by one infront of him, Zuhayr was alive and he said Im Zuhayr son of Ibn Qain and he said to Imam Hussain (RA), move ahead and lead us as a Hadi and Mahdi (i.e. one who guides). Today you will meet your grandfather (i.e. Prophet) your brother Hassan, and the lion of Allah i.e. Ali al Murtaza (RA). Narrators explain that Kathir bin Abdullah and Mahajir bin Aws attacked and martyred Zuhayr (Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun)

The Narrator explains that there was a campnion of Imam Hussain (RA) called Nafi bin Hilal (ra) who had put poison on tips of his arrows and fired them towards enemies. He killed around about 12 enemies until both his arms got cut off and he was captured. He was brought to Umro bin S’ad who said: May you die and at that time blood was dripping on his shirt and beard. Nafi said: By Allah had both my arms not been cut I would have killed more of you, Shimr told Ibn S’ad to kill him, but Ibn S’ad said you brought him so you kill him too, Shimr brought out his sword, before he chopped his head Nafi said:By Allah, Shimr If you were amongst Muslims then you would not have liked to meet Allah with our blood on your hands. I thank Allah that Allah has destined us to die by the hands of worst people on earth, however shimr chopped his head off (Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun)

Imam Hussain (RA)’s final fight

Shimr along with his companions then attacked Imam Hussain (RA), when companions saw them coming they knew that Imam Hussain (ra) would not be able to face them so they came ahead just to give their lives a Hidiyah. (Then it includes detailed story of how infant children of Imam Hussain got martyred in his hands, he was holding one of them asking for water whereas the Yazids fired arrow at him which passed through the chest of his son, Imam Hussain gave the child back to women in camps and went ahead to fight]

The Leader of youth in paradise gets martyred!

The historians write that Imam Hussain (RA) stood alone for many hours, and whosoever came ahead to kill you returned back thinking that he should not be the one on whose hand his martyrdom shall be written, however a man from Bani Bada came and he was called Malik bin Basheer, he came and struck Imam Hussain (ra)’s head with sword which made a fountain of blood come out from your head and his cap became filled with blood, but Imam Hussain (ra) changed his cap with turban and kept on fighting.
The historians write that Imam Hussain (RA) attacked Ibn S’ad like an injured lion and hit Ibn S’ad with his sword, Ibn Sa’d brought his hand ahead as a shield which got cut, and he tried to turn away from Imam Hussain (RA), the horseriders then attacked to save Ibn S’ad. Then you were covered from all sides as if there is Ghubaar of dust.

Imam Hussain (RA) attacked them one by one and nobody had the courage to attack you in groups, Imam Hussain (RA) started to kill many enemies, until he stood alone for sometime in which they could have easily killed you, Shimr shouted WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FROM KILLING HIM? Hearding this Zara bin Sharik At-Tamimi (LA) went towards you and struck your shoulders, then Sinan bin Anas bin Umro Naji (Lanat Ullah) attacked you with his spear and finally brought you down from your horse and separated your head from the body. ….
Abi Hamza ash Shami from Abdullah al Yamani who narrated from Qasim bin Najit that he said: When Imam Hussain (RA)’s head was brought in the court of Yazid bin Mu’awiya, he placed his stick on your teeth and said: The difference between him and me is as Al Hamam said: The swords are broken on the heads of those people who go against us and they are disobedient and cruel (i.e. Imam Hussain RA Naudhobillah) – Hadrat Abu Barza as Salmi (RA) said to him: By Allah your stick is touching the place which was kissed by Prophet (salallaho alaihi wasalam), for sure when (Hussain) will arrive on day of judgment then Prophet (saw) will be his intercessor

Hadrat Zainab(RA) in court of Yazid (Lanat Ullah)

…whereas when you come your intercessor will be Ibn Ziyad. Then he rose up, turned his back towards Yazid and left.

It is narrated through Haris bin Ka’b from Fatima bint Ali (RA) that she said: When we were made to sit infront of Yazid, he had some mercy upon us, at that time a man from Shaam came and asked Yazid to grant her, he meant me and I was a beautiful woman, hearing him I started to tremble and I thought that maybe this was allowed for them, I held the clothes of my sister Zainab (RA) who was elder and more intelligent than me, she knew that it was not allowed. She said to the man: By Allah you have lied and said a lowly thing, this thing is not allowed between you and her. YAZID GOT ANGRY AAND SAID TO ZAINAB: NO YOU HAVE LIED INSTEAD, BECAUSE BY ALLAH SHE IS JAIZ UPON ME AND IF I WANT TO DO IT WITH HER THEN I MAY DO SO(Naudhobillah) Hadrat Zainab (ra) said: By Allah it is definitely not allowed for you except if you leave our Ummah and choose a deen other than Islam. Hadrat Zainab (ra) explains that Yazid became red in anger and said: You challenging me is a proof of your brother and father being expelled from Islam (what an absurd and stupid logic of Yazid Lanti Kadhab), Zainab (RA) replied: Your father, your grandfather and you were guided through the deen of Allah, Deen of my father, deen of my brother and deen of my meternal grandfather (i.e. Prophet salallaho alaihi wasalam).Yazid said: O enemy of Allah you have lied. Zainab (RA) said: What kind of Ameer ul Momineen are you that you abuse by being one? Hadrat Zainab (RA) said that Yazid became speechless, the Shami man asked again for the lady, Yazid said GET LOST, MAY ALLAH GIVE YOU PAINFUL DEATH. [Yazid did not punish Zainab even after her courage in his court]

[ Tarikh Ibn Kathir – Al Bidayah Wal Nihayah Volume 8 Page No 195-250]

Prophet (saw)'s beard and head covered with dust!

Hadith: Sayyidah Salmaa reported that she went to Sayyidah Umm Salamah (RA) and found her weeping. She asked her what made her weep. She said: I saw Allah’s Messenger (salallaho alaihi wasalam) in my dream. There was dust on his head and beard. I asked him, What is wrong with you, O Messenger of Allah?. He said: I have just witnessed Husayn’s murder [Sunnan Al Tirimdhi Hadith No. 3796] – Imam Tirimdhi declared this Hadith as (hasan) gharib


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