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Refuting false allegations of deobandi on Ala hazrat Ahmed raza khanbarelvi R.A

Refuting false allegations on Scholars of Ahlus Sunnah.

Deobandi allegation.

A deobandi posted a U tube Video on this thread in which he has attacked the great scholar of Islam , Mujaddid of the last century , Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (rh). The Deobandi friend was requted to support his claim by providing details of this book in which the so called "derogatory remarks" were made by Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) against Sayyeda Ayesha Siddiqa (Rd).

Even after a week he could not make a simple reply. And the truth is no deobandi can back up this claim. All they can do is to quote secondary source and rely on them , without checking the original books. It is known that to understand the Barelwi- Deobandi conflict one must not only read the books of their scholars but also read history books.

In the subcontinent the Ahlus sunnah is called Barelwi and Deobandis are called Wahabis , along with the real wahabis. If one wants to confirm this , you can come to any Indian city and ask a road side shopkeepr" where is sunni masjid? And he will take you to a Barelwi masjid. If you ask him where is 'Wahabi masjid" he will tell you the address of either a Deobandi masjid or a Wahabi masjid.

No Deobandi should feel offended. I can show from Deobandi books where your " Akabir' ulema have called them self as 'Wahabi".

The young Deobandi generation makes a claim in that Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (rh) has used derogatory words against Sayyeda Ayesha (rd) in his book Hadaike Bakhshish Vol 3.

The truth is , Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) died in 1921 CE ( 1340 AH). While he was alive he himself got published his poetry work , Hadaike Bakhsish Vol 1 and Vol 2 . Two years after his death, Allama Mehboob Ali Khan(rh) collected unpublished poetry work of Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) and ordered its publication. Mawlana Mehboob Ali Khan (rh) himself was a great poet and his poetry work was also being published from the same printing press. (Mawlana Mehboob Ali Kahn is the brother of the great scholar of Ahlus sunnah , Lion of Ahlus sunnah , Mufti Hashmat Ali Khan( rh)).

The poetry works of Mawlana Mehboob ali and Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) got intermixed and 1 page from the work of Mawlana Mehboob ali was published under the work of Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) as Hadaike Bakhsish Vol3.

And who pointed out this "problem" firsrt? It was none other than the great Scholar of Ahlus sunnah Allama Mushtaq Ahmed Nizami (rh). The problematic couplet having words like" my youth"( written in connection with Sayyeda Ayesha Rd) was from Allama Mehboon Ali Khan.

On 9th Zil Qadah , 1348 AH , Mawlana Mehboob Ali khan did tawbah for his usage of those words. The tawba ( repentence ) was made publicly and was published in the urdu Magzine "Tarjuman e ahle sunat ' published from Bommbay. One hundred and nineteen ( 119) scholars were witness to this Tawba.

He recited Shahada again and did tajdeed e nikah.

The incidence is also mentioned as a fatwa in ' Majmua fatwa Mazhariya" , by Mufti Mazharullah (rh) , who was the Imam of Fatehpuri Masjid.

This was first pointed in 1955 and only sunnis pointed out this mistake and the sunni scholar took back his words , did public tawaba and that couplet was never printed again.

The senior Deobandi scholar know this story and its connection with Allama Mehboon Ali . But the young Deobandis who are unaware of even the books written by their own scholars, make a fabrication and say it was written by Imam Ahmed Raza (rh)!

If only they can see the first edition of these work. Hadaike Bakhsish Vol 1 and Vol2 , has the name Ahmed Raza Khan and vol 3 which was published after his death has the name Imam Ahmed Raza Khan RAHAMATULLAH.

The incidence is not too old . All this happened in 1955 CE and many people are still alive who were witness to the whole episode.

But how can Deobandis get time to investigate the truth? Their only way is the fabricate books , and make false U tube and upload it on internet!

Other Deobandi Allegation

1) Deobandi Scholar Mawlana Ihsan Ilahi Zahiri was a rabid anti-Sufi who wrote a pernicious book titled al-Barelwiyya in collaboration with the publishers of Matba`at al-Rashid, a Saudi publishing house based in Madina. The book is prefaced by a certain Atiyya Muhammad Salim from Saudi Arabia.

As usual , this book has objections agaisnt Mawlid, istighatha , Urs, tawassul etc. It was refuted in Arabic and has been translated into Urdu as well by Allama Hakeem Sharf Qadri (rh) , under the title ' Al barelwiat ka tanqeedi wa tahqeeie jayaza ' ( A critical and in depth alalysis of Al barelwiat). This book is online in more than 400 pages.

2) Deobandis keep making false allegations on Imam Ahmed Raza (rh). Among the list of allegation is 'why did Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) showed so much importance to Shaykh Abdul Qadir (rd)'!

All these type of allegation has been answered under a book " Ala Hazrat per 150 etarzat ke jawab" By Mawlana Mohammed Jahangeer Naqshbandi .( Answer to 150 objections on Ala Hazrat ( Imam Ahmed Raza (rh)). This book is also online in Pdf format.

3) The latest Deobandi book"Mutalli'a Barelwiyat" written by Pakistani Deobandi Scholar Khalid Mahmood . This is his Phd work! He has attacked Imam Ahmed Raza Khan and as usual attack on barelwis with regard to usual topics.

This has been refuted by Allama Mohammed Ali of Pakistan under the name ' Deobandi madhab ka mubahisa" in 2 volumes. This book is not yet online. Insha Allah when I get time I will scan and uplaod it.

There are other books also written refuting "Mutali'a Barelwiyat" by Ahlus Sunnah scholars.

Recently I saw a Deobandi using the reference from this book" Mutali'a Barelwiyat" and attacking Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) in connection with Shaykh Abd al-Aziz Dabagh (rh).

After reading that post I could make out that this Deobandi has neither read Al - Ibriz by Shaykah Abd al Aziz Dabagh (rh) nor Malfoozat of Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) in which he has mentioned incidence from Al- Ibriz. The Deobandi friend totaly relied on the work of deobandi scholar Mawlana Khalid Mahmood.

Interested readers can get their Urdu copy of Al Ibriz , which has been published from Pakistan by Ahlus sunnah scholar. Insha Allah , we are trying to get it publshed in India in near future.

Insha Allah the Deobandi artcile attacking Imam Ahmed Ahmed Raza (rh) will be replied in futute with scans from original book , again showing Deobandi habit of twisting fact.

Answering one Wahabi lie

A wahabi wrote some where on the internet

"Diwan e Muhammadi” of the Brawli Peer Muhammad Yar Faridi "

This wahabi is ignorant. I cannot call him a lier , giving him the benifit iof doubt. He does not know who was " Muhammed Yar Faridi" who is also called " Muhammed Yar Gadhi" as he was from the place called ' gadh' in pakistan. Without knowing any thing about this person , the wahabi calls him " Barelwi' and then quotes some of his poetry which are not correct as per shariah.

I fail to understand why do these wahabis never bother to investigate the truth? Muhammad Yaf Gadhi was not a scholar of Ahlus sunnah. His website does speak that he got his 'aalim" degree from some madarsa, bur Ahlus sunnah never accepted him as a scholar of Ahlus sunnah. He was known as a poet and that was his field. He wrote poetry. The pakistani Ahlus sunnah scholars made it very clear that just because he is associated with the sufi tarqiah , does not make him a spokeperson for Ahlus sunnah.

It will be like calling Amina Wadood as Wahabi , for she also does not beleive in 4 schools of fiqh. So tomorrow I will quote Amina Wadood as a wahabi spokesperson?

I hope wahabis will stop confusing muslims on the internet and spend some time doing maraqba near the grave of Ibn Abdul Wahab Najdi al tamimi.

Another Wahabi attack

The same wahabi attacked Sayyeduna , Shaykh Al Akbar , Ibn Al Arabi (rd) on his work ' Fusus al Hikam"

This topic has already been answered on this forum with all details and proof that the work of Shaykh Al Akbar was temprted with. More ever , wahabis should not try to understand tasawwuf. It is simply beyond their understanding! Imagine a wahabi trying to know what is alame mithal , or jabroot , lahut! When they cannot understand all this , they should keep themself away from tasawwuf.

If wahabis want to know miracles of awliya they should read Tabaqatal Hanabila and madarijus saaliqeen

I request all Deobandis to read this incidence carefully. Think over it and make judgement. This is from one of the most famous Deobandi book” Arwahe Thalatha” written by Mawlana Zahoor ul Hasan and Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvee wrote commentary to it.This book is used a source of inspiration among Deobandis , to follow the foot steps of their ‘akabir” and realize how great their ‘akabir”were.

I request that no Deobandi friend should have any ill feeling towards me. I am not quoting any sunni (barelwi) book. Everything is from Deobandi book. .

While narrating the virtues of “Ustadhul Ulema “, Mawlana Yaqoob sahab Nanotvee., it says

“ Mawlana Moinuddin sahab was the eldest son of Mawlana Yaqoob. He narrates one miracle ( karamat) of Mawlana Yaqoob which took place after his death. He said , during one winter season , a large population of the town of Nanot was suffering from a type of fever. Who ever used to take soil from the grave of Mawlan (yaqoob) and tie ( on their body) used to surely get healed. ( Mitti le ja kar bandh leta usey HEE araam ho jata).People took so much soil from the grave that when ever I used to put fresh soil on the grave , it used to be taken away by the people in no time. I was fed up from putting soil again and again on his grave . So I went to his grave and said “ you are doing miracle ( karamat) but I am suffering. Remember , if any one gets healed this time , I will not put any soil over your grave . You will remain like this and people will step over your grave with their shoes” ( This son was hot tempered). After that day , no one got healed from the soil. The news of this healing was spread very fast and now this news also spread that no healing happens from grave and people stopped taking soil from the grave.

( Arwahe Thalath, page 322)


Analysis .

All my Deobandi friend can lable the entire population of the town of Nanot as ‘ mushrik”, because they thought there is a ‘direct” healing effect in the soil of the grave. Mawlana Moinuddin sahab too had this aqidah. Mawlana Ashraf ali thanvee has approved this incidence and he has no comment to it , whether it is ‘shirk/ biddah/ haram/ kufr/ makruh”. The incidence is mentioned under “ virtues ( hakayat) of Mawlana Yaqoob Nanotvee. Deobandis can not say” how are we responsible if the normal population was doing this”? Because , the incidence is mentioned as approval and karamat in your book under the approval of Mawlana Ashraf Ali. We will not be wise in promoting ‘shirk” through our books.

If any Deobandi friend wants to make an interpretation of this incidence I request him to make his comments on this thread.

Mawlana Moinuddin spoke to a dead man in grave and this dead man could hear also. Mawlana Moinuddin warned him to stop this healing effect and the dead man in grave stopped showing his karamat , which shows this ‘miracle” was directly under his control . He could show karamt when he wanted.

I can write at least 10 pages on analysis. But for the time being , let my Deobandi friends read this and then be ready for my next post which again is from a Deobandi book.

It seems Mawlana Yaqoob Nanotvee was a great Deobandi personality. The soil from his grave was healing people. Does any Deobandi know where can I meet khalifah of Mawlana Yaqoob and which tariqah was he in?

But how can I relate this incidence with , what the founder of Deobandism said in his book?

In explaining a hadith , Mawlana Ismaeel Dehalvee said :
“ this means he ( prophet) will also die and get mixed with soil”

( scan provided earlier with exact quote)

And then , in the same book , Taqwiyatul Iman , he said
”The one whose name is mohammed and ali has no power over anything”
( scan provided before)

If any Deobandi friend gets time , please explain me , how the soil of Mawlana Nanotvee’s grave could heal people and he was doing it with all self possessed power, that is why he stopped this when he was warned.!

Deobandi scholar Mawalan Hussein Tandvee writes that wahabis are bad people and the wahabi belief is that a stick is more beneficial and powerful than prophet mohammed ( sal allahu alaihi wa salalm) , as the stick can support them and prophet can not do any thing after his death.

And Mawlana Ismaeel also said the same thing about prophet. He said prophet has mixed with soil and whose name is mohammed has no control over any thing.

Mawlana Hussein tandvee says that this was the belief of Wahabis! So tell me , will I be wrong if I call Mawlana Ismaeel Dehalvee as Wahabi? I am using the definition of wahabi given by your own scholar , Mawlana Tandvee!


Now see how ,Mawlana Asharf Ali thanvee has shown disrespect to Sultanul Awliya,Syed Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti al Husseini al hasani ,( rd) , one of the greatest awliya in this ummah. (He is buried in the Indian city of Ajmer)

Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvee says “A foreigner has written that he was amazed to see that a dead man who is laying in Ajmer is ruling over the whole India.”

(Kamalate Ashrafia, page 252)

After quoting this statement of a foreigner, Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee continues..

“Indeed the normal population and the rulers in particular have great faith (aqeedat) in Khawja Sahab (Moinuddin Chsiti rd).”

Azeezul hasan ( who is the author of Ashrafus sawaneh , biography of Mawlana Ashraf Ali ) said “ people get benefited through Khawja sahab , that is why they have faith ( aeedat) in him”.

To this Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee replied

“Allah deals with people as per the opinion people have towards Allah’ ( Allah taa’la ke saath jaisa husene zan ho waisa hee mamla farmatey hain). Even the idol worshippers get benefit from worshipping Idols. This is not a proof. Proof is adherence to shariah”

(Kamaltey Ashrafia , page 252) .

Analayis .

He is the same Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee , who in his book Hifzul Iman , equated the knowledge of prophet with knowledge possessed by animals , lunatics , child etc.
He is same Mawlana Ashraf Ali who said that the statement “ if Allah and prophet wills this work will be done” , is shirk

As per Mawlana Ashraf Ali , one of the greatest awliya of Allah in this ummah, Sayed Moinuddin chisti al husseini al hasani (rd) was not adhering to shariah. This great awliya of Allah , upon whose hand millions of non muslims accepted Islam , was not a follower of shariah. History tells that in the ummah of prophet Mohammed ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam ) , the maximum number of non muslims accepting Islam on the hands of one individual is this great wali of Allah , Khawja Moinuddin chisti (rd) . He was on the highest stage of wilayah.

Earlier we have seen how soil from the grave of a Deovandi scholar could heal people and that book has a commentary of Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee. But same Mawlana did not accept karamat of Syed Moinuddin Chisti (rd).

I request Deobandis to stop showing disrespect to prophet and those great Awliya who followed prophet and are friends of Allah.

Only the wahabis show disrespect to prophet and awliya Allah.

Note: Here is an artcile which has got many narrations regarding life iof awliya in grave. It has quotes from book of Fiqh also , regarding tomb etc.


Mawlana Munazir Hasaan narrates a very strange incidence. He narrates that a few people were gathered in “chatta masjid ‘in Deoband. (Name of a masjid). Mawlana Yaqoob (inchanarge, madarsa Deoband) was also present in that group. Mawlana Yaqoob said

“I was about to die today morning, while I was performing salah. People asked him, what was the reason? He replied that , while he was reciting sura Muazammil, his heart was seized due to some “ strange power” and his spirit ( ruh) was about to leave the body , but some how this condition passed very quickly. He continued and said that after performing salah he pondered over the whole incidence and it was told to him that durng that time ( when his heart was seized) Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee , who was in Merath ( another city) made “ tawaajjah ‘( concentration) towards him .
It was the effect of his concentration that his spirit ( ruh ) was about to leave the body and he had a difficult time”

He continues ( this is very interesting !!)…

“ How can those who use mind to analyse everything understand this matter? The distance between Deoband and the city of Merath is so much and this distance was not at a matter of hinderance”

(sawaneh qasimi. Vol 1, p 345)


Analysis .

Now how can I understand this strange incidence? I really need some Deobandi friend to explain me the whole matter. Mawalan Yaqoob , ( incharge Madarsa Deoband) really had an elevated stage! As soon as he finished his salah , he pondered over the issue and like a Satellite TV channel , everything was shown to him with in fractions. Forget about months, hours or minutes ,, he came to know with in seconds that Mawlana Qasim sitting in some other city did this !

But Deobandis should hang their head in shame. This is their belief about their ‘In house’ scholars. But when it comes to prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) then the aqeeda of the whole Deobandi group is this

“ In many matters prophet used to make concenttarion, used to be worried and he used to be silent . In this incidence of ‘ Ifk ‘ ( Sayyeda Ayesha Rd lost her ring and enemies of islam started speaking bad about her) prophet made “tawajjah” but he could not know anything. Only after 1 montn he was informed through ‘wahi’ (revelation).

( Hifzul Iman , By Mawlana Asharf ali thanvee page 7).

When it comes to their “in house’ scholars , Deobandi belief is that they can know everything with theit ‘tawajjaah” sitting at far away places.

I ask each and every Deobandi , do you still need more evidences to prove that your scholars have indeed shown disrespect to prophet and have tried to lower his status and personality.?

If we really fear the extreme heat on the day of judgment, on which sayyedul Anmbiya ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) will intercede for us, then let us stop praising those who have shown disrespect to our prophet.

And not to forget their book ‘Taqwiyatul Iman’ which says

“ To think that some one other than Allah can know the knowledge of the unseen , or what is happening in some other city , whether the belief is that they have this self possessed knowledge or given by Allah , in all the cases it is shirk”

(Taqwiyatul Iman, page 10)

Their writings and their belief

The well known Deobandi scholar ( Mawlana Mnazoor Nomani)who used to participate in many debates against Sunni Muslims writes :

“We should see these “so called muslims” who are grave worshippers and Tazia worshippers. Shaitan has put these “Mushrikana” acts in their hearts that they are not willing to listen to the teachings of Quran and Hadith”.
“ When I look at these people ( so called muslims) then only I understand shirk of the previous ummah. If these people ( so called muslims) were not there among the muslim population, then it would have been very difficult for me to understand the shirk of the previous ummah’

( Al Furqan ( A monthly Deobandi Magazine ) , Editorial , For the month of Jamadi ulaa, 1372 AH , page 30 , published from Lucknow).

( The Urdu wordings are : Aap musalmaan kaehlaney waley Quburiyon aur Taziya paraston ko dekh lijiye. Shaitaan ney mushrikaana aamaal ko unakey dilon mein aisa utaar diya hai ki wah is silsiley mein Quran wa Hadith ki koee baat sunaney ke rawadar nahee. Main to inhee logon ko dekh kar agalee ummaton ke shirk ko smajhata hoon. Agar musalmano mein yeh log na hotey to waqia yeh hai ki meray liye agalee ummaton ke shirk ko samajhna bada mushkil hota)

Readers would also like to read this .

Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee narrates about one of the scholars of his group. He narrates:
“ Shah Abdurrehman wilayati had a disciple whose name was Abdullah Khan. His caste was ‘Rajput” and he was one of the special disciples of Shah Abdur rehman. He was at such an elevated stage that when ever their was a case of preganacy in someone’s house and they used to come to him to take amulets, then he used to tell them wheteher the baby will be boy or a girl and what ever he used to tell that result used to be the same.

( Arwahe salasa (Inspirational and Guiding book used by Deobandi brothers ) with commentary by Mawlana Asharf Ali thanvee page 163 )


This is not a case of ‘ coincidence’ or chance . It is a matter of surety as we all can read. It is not a case of ‘ dream ‘ or “ Kashf”. Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee makes sure that no body takes this as a matter of coincidence , so he adds” whar ever he used to predict , the result used to be the same”. I don’t know which ultrasonic eyes this Mawlana had that sitting in his room he could tell about a pregnant woman present some where else.

The irony is: The founder of Deobandism Mawlana Ismeel Dehalvee writes in” Taqwiyatul Iman” the fundamental book of Deobandi group

“ What is present in the stomach of a woman no body knows about it except Allah. No body can know that whether it is single or double , male or female, beautiful or ugly “.

He writes further..
“ If any one attributes the knowledge of unseen to any one else except Allah , then he is in shirk”.

2.To think that prophet was given the knowledge of ghyab ( unseen ) is SHIRK. ( Fawtwa Rashidiya, By Mawlana Rashid Gangohi)

Please note this Deobandi shaykh Abdullah Khan was blessed with special eye sight. To support my statement I bring another incidence about the same person.

When Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee was leaving for Hajj , he made a request to Abdullah Khan to make dua ( supplication ) for him. To which Abdullah Khan replied

“ Brother, what supplication can I make for you? I have seen with my eyes that you are reading Bukhari sheriff in front of Rasul Allah ( sal allahu alai hi wa sallam)
( Arwahe Salasa , page 254)


This is the status of a Deobandi shaykh. He had no problem in looking at the ghayb and his eye sight could penetrate all the hinderance.

But when it comes to Rasul A llah ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) then , they write

“ Shaykh Abdul Haq has narrated that prophet was not aware of what is behind the wall ‘

( Baraheen Qatiya , by Mawlana Rashid Ahmed and Mawlana Khaleel Ambethvee)

( Read "Deoband,Shaykh Gangohi and wall)

Note: Mawlana Qasim Nonatvee is the Founder of Darul Uloom Deoband . This is the reason why the graduates from this madarsa add’ qasimi” at the end of their name , to show their relationship to Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee


Meer Wajid ali Qannawji narrates this incidence from his shaykh Mawlana Qasim that once he ( Mawlana Qasim) went to the ( town of ) Gangoh. There was an earthen pot kept in the “Khankah” . He took that earthen pot and put it in the well to get some water. When he drank the water , it was bitter. At the time of Zuhar Salah , he met Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed) and told about the bitter water. Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed) told that the water of this well is very sweet. He then presented that earthen pot filled with water to Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed). When Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed) drank water , he also found the water to be bitter. Hazrat said” ok leave it here” and he went for Zuhar Salah. After finishing Zuhar Salah , Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed ) told everyone present there to recite” Kalima Tayyeb” as much as they can. Hazrat also recited kalmia tayyeb and after some time raised his hand , made dua ( supplication) and rubbed his hands on his face. After that , he took that earthen pot and dran water. It was found very sweet . Every one drank water and there was no bitterness in it. Then Hazrat told that” this earthen pot is made from the soil of a grave whose inhabitant was under “ punishment of the grave”. Alhamduillah , due to the blessings ( barakah) of kalmia tayyeb , now the punishment has been taken off .

( Tazkiratur Rashid , vol 1, page 271)

( old edition , vol 2 , page 212)


Following points to be noted from this incidence

1.Mawlana Rashid Gangohi found out that earthen pot is made from the soil of a grave. This pot was of course made by some potter and that time Malwna was not there. He still could know the origin of the soil.

2.Mawlana Couls find out what is happeneing to the inhabitant of the grave.

3.Mawlana could find the relation between the bitterness of water and the man in grave.

4 Above all , when the punishment was taken off , Mawlana even came to know this.


1.To think that prophet was given the knowledge of ghyab ( unseen ) is SHIRK( Fawtwa Rashidiya, By same Mawlana Rashid Gangohi)

2. The who thinks that prophet was given the knowledge of the unseen he is a liar and is in kufr. ( Taqwiyatul Iman , Ismaeel Dehalvee)

3 The one who claims that he has the knowledge of the unseen and he can know the things of ghayb ( unseen) then he is a liar ( taqwiyatul Iman , Ismaeel Dehalvee)

4.Prophets, Awliya, Jinn ,shaytan, fairy and ghost do not have any special status in knowing the knowledge of the unseen . ( Taqwiyatul Iman , Ismaael Dehalvee)

5.Any one who says that except Allah , some one else also has knowledge of ‘ ghayb’ ( unseen) ,he is indeed kafir, he should not be made imam of the prayer. No relation should be kept with him ( Fatwa Rashidiya , Vol 2, page 10)

6.when the prophets do not have the knowledge of the unseen, it would not be impermissible to say ‘ ya rasul ALLAH’ ( fatwa rashhidya , vol 2 page 3).

7The prophet being higher than the angle of death does not mean that he knows more than or even equal to angel of death in these ( earthly ) matters.

( Baraheen Qatiya , Mawlana Rashid and Mawlana Kahleel)

8.Shaykh Abdul Haq has narrated that prophet was not aware of what is behind the wall ( barahen qatiya)

[Read : Deoband, shaykh Gangohi amd wall]

Please read and decide.

The one whose name is Mohammed or Ali DOES NOT HAVE ANY AUTHORITY OVER ANYTHING”

( Taqwiyatul Iman, )

The books of Deobandi Jamat is full with so many miracles and incidences that if some one decides to post 1 incidence daily ,still it will take years to complete it.

Read with your open eyes and ask Allah to help you in making the right decision. Ameen

Read this incidence narrated by Mawlana Aashiq Ilahi Merathi .


“During those days many people were hanged (by British colonial power) and daily we used to hear news that so and so have been hanged or such and such person has been charge sheeted. The (British) government had the names of all those who were revolting. The name of Hazrat (Rashid Ahmed) was also present in the list of trouble makers. But Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed) had full belief in Allah and knew that when I am an obedient servant of government , then any false accusation cannot harm me and if at all I am killed , government has full AUTHORITY, what ever it decides it can do”.

(Tazkiraturrashid vol 1 page 121) (Old edition page 80)

Some of you might be confused as to what this incidence has got to do with the heading mentioned? Or, whether I am starting some topic about “Deoband and war of Independence”? Well there is something to note!

Read again this part of the incidence

But Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed) had full belief in Allah and knew that when I am an obedient servant of government , then any false accusation cannot harm me and if at all I am killed , government has full AUTHORITY , what ever it decides it can do”.

The Urdu wordings are

Agar mar bhee gaya to sarkar maalik hai usay ikhtiyar hai jo karey”.

Here Mawlana Rashid Ahmed accepted full authority of British Power and went on to say that the government has full authority and can do what ever it wants!.

Trust me , no Sunni muslim has any interest to know what were the relation between Deobandi scholars and British power in India .

What matters to muslims is this statement found in Taqwiyatul Iman.

“ No one has any authority or control over any thing. The only being who has control over all the work, His name is Allah. The one whose name is Mohammed or Ali DOES NOT HAVE ANY AUTHORITY OVER ANYTHING

The beauty of the matter is that , this filthy comment is present in the same book” Taqwiyatul Iman ‘ regarding which Mawlana Rashid Ahmed said
“ To keep this book and read this book is THE CORE OF ISLAM ( AYN ISLAM) .

And same Mawlana Rashid Ahmed gave full authority and control to British power ever after his death!

False Allegation
The Prophet (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) is not the only Rahmatullil Aalameen. (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 2 pg. 19)


On which basis have the Deobandis called it a false allegation? This statement is very much present in the book.

[See " Crow eating and reward" for scan and explaination]

False Allegation

It is Sawaab to eat crows (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 2 pg. 130)


Mawlana Rashid did say that to eat crow in those places where people consider it haram , is an act of reward.
[See " Crow eating and reward" for scan and explaination]

False Allegation
In the month of Muharram, providing free water and feeding people with milk or Sharbat is Haraam. (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 3 pg. 113


The person who compiled this article, did he ever opened Fatawa Rashidiya?
Please see the scan of this fatwa.

Mawlana has called this act as haram.

If some muslims distribute milk or juice in this month with the intention og Ithal e sawab, that Allah accept this good deed and give its reward to ruh ( spirit)  of those who were martyred in Karbala. ( The fore fathers of present day  shia invited the grandson of prophet with the promise of support  and never turned up to support) then how can it be haram?

Deobandis should note that Mawlana Rashid Gnagohi has used alayhissalam for Hussein rd.

Same Mawlana Rashid Ahmed was asked that if Hindus give sweet dishes/eatables on their festivals like Holi and Diwali , can a muslim eat it?

The Mawlana said YES.

Eating  food which has been offered to idols is permissible for deobandis , but distributing food for ithal e sawab is not allowed!!

False Allegation

Ashraf Ali Thanvi, a founder member of Deoband says: 'The Holy Prophet (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) has an education like that of children, lunatics and animals of every category.' (Hifzul Imaan pg. 7)

The Truth
The view of Hadhrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi is that: Hadhrat Moulana was asked, 'Did you in Hifzul Imaan or any other book write anything directly or indirectly comparing the education of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) to that of children, lunatics and animals? If not then what is your ruling regarding a person who holds such a belief?' In reply to that Moulana states, 'Let alone writing such falsehood and filth, my heart had never even perceived such falsehood and verily if anyone holds such a belief he is out of the fold of Islam.' (Faisal-e-Khusoomat pg. 21


Is this not a BIG lie? I have not seen any lie like this on any website. Shias are known for providing false reference after their claim. But here Deobandis have surpassed shias!

I fall short of words to express my amazement on this lie. The very statement is present in Hifzaul Iman (page 7) and our Deobandi friend says that Mawlana Asharf ali thanvee was asked this question and he said” this belief is kufr”!!

Mawlana Asharf ali thanvee did compare the knowledge of prophet with lunatic , animals , insane , satan , and any normal person . And this Deobandi writer turns the table and says that this statement was made by some one else and Mawlana Asharf ali thanvee said that these type of statement is kufr!

I now ask , are not these websites claiming to propagate the knowledge of Islam?
Isn’t lying a big sin in Islam? Then why are they lying?

False Allegation

To think of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) in Salaat is worse than thinking of cows and donkeys. (Siraate Mustaqeem pg. 150)

The abovementioned statement is not found anywhere in 'Siraate Mustaqeem' that, 'To think of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) in Salaat is worse than thinking of cows and donkeys.'
Moreover, it is stated in the Hadith that Salaat should be performed with full attention. Therefore, when the name of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) is recited in 'Tashahhud' the thought of the Rasul (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) will come and should come. The Salaat will not be rendered incorrect and this is not unlawful at all. The respected Moulana did not stop anyone from this.


If we have a number line on which lies can be graded then I will give this lie infinity grade! Which ever Deobandi website has this article , what did they think? That no one will ever notice these lies? Or that they will notice but will not reply?

The above statement is present in the book . Please see this scan.

Deobandis says that "cow, ox , horse" are animals and if some one gets thought of these animals during salah then one will automatically try to leave this thought , as they are 'dirty animals" and one will once again concentrate towards Allah. However, if some one gets a thought of prophet , during salah, then due to love of prophet one will continue to indulge in that thought and will no longer concentrate towards Allah,hence his salah will not be perfect.

Any one who makes this Tawil ( interpretation) of their 'shaheed" sahab's writing has definitely not read the urdu wordings in the statement.

Islami Dehalvee sahab says the thought is 'worse than" ( zyada bura) than the thought of Ox and cow.

So shaheed sahab is comparing the thought of prophet and animals together. Morever, when some one recites durood in salah , one automatically gets a thought of prophet.

A person recites " la ilaha il allah ashraf ali thanvee rasul allah' in his dream and that is alright for deobandis . The tawil being a hadith in which a man was so happy that he saidz' I am lord and He is my creation" and prophet smiled. Deobandis use this hadith to justify that 'dream', but the justification won't work. That is for someother time Insha Allah.

So the truth is , Deobandis make tawil only to support their scholars statement. But all these tawil has been refuted , because these comments were made in Urdu or Farsi language and Ahlus sunnah scholars have shown with the use of language skills that no tawil can be made here as per the rules of Urdu and Persian language.

And now be ready to read those lines which will make you realize what is called the “height of double standard

Mawlana Abdul Majid Daryabadi , the beloved disciple and Khalifah of Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee wrote a book” Hakimul Ummat”, which is a biography of Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee. Mawlana Abdul Majid wrote a letter to Mawlana Asharf ali about a problem. Both ,the, problem and its reply by Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvee has been mentioned in this book. Read it and please decide what justice can you do for Islam.

Mawlana Abdul Majid wrote

“ Lack of concentration in Salaat is an old problem. But it is my experience that whenever I imagined you in Salaat the problem of concentration vanished only for a short while though. Nevertheless, please advice me if this action is correct , if it is not, then I shall be careful in future’
( Hakimul Ummat, page 54)

This was the personal question of Mawlana Abdul Majid, now listen to the answer of Mawlana Thanvee

“ It is correct as long as you do not disclose this to other people”
( Hakimul Ummat page 54)

I will leave the judgment on the respected reader. Fear Allah and keep in mind , on that day when the Sun will be so down that everyone of us will be sweating, when every one of us will be running from one prophet to another , that day , Sayyedul Anmbiya, will intercede for us.

May Allah give the love of His beloved prophet in the hearts of all the muslims and may we all die in this state of love. Ameen.

False Allegation
The Prophet (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) is not the only Rahmatullil Aalameen. (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 2 pg. 19)


On which basis have the Deobandis called it a false allegation? This statement is very much present in the book.

Please see the scan.

There is no place of Tawil here. Because Allah has used to term Rahmatal lil aalmeen only for His most beloved prophet. The word”aalam ‘ means “ ma siwa Allah” ( everything except Allah). Prophet was still a nabi when Adam was in clay form ( Tirmidhi) and when we say prophet is rahmatal lil aalmeen , it means he is a mercy for every creation , including , wind , sun , moon , all human beings and jinn.
By which tawil can any other person be ascribed with this usage? In the history of Islam , has this term being used by any scholar for any one except our beloved prophet?

The simple reason is , this fatwa was issued by Mawlana Rashid Ahmed , in keeping with the Deobandi belief on “ Khatame nubuwwat” .
False Allegation

Shaytaan has more education than our Prophet (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam). (Barahine Qatia pg. 51 - Khalil Ahmad Ambhetwi)


This again is a big lie. Mawlana Khaleel Ahmed Ambethvee did make those remarks.
He said’ the angel of death and satan have the knowledge of unseen and this is proved from nass ( quran and saunnah) , but there is no such proof for prophet and if any one thinks that prophet had the knowledge of unseen then he is in SHIRK”.

And they have the sufi tariqah! Only Allah knows what benefit someone gets who has this belief or who loves those people who have this belief.

The exact urdu wordings are
“ al hasil gaur karma chahiye ki shaitan wa malkul mawt ka haal dekh kar ilm muheet zameen ka fakhre aalam ko khilafe nasoos qatiyya ke bila daleel mahaz qayas fasida sey saabit karma shirk nahee to kauna iman ka hissa hai? Shaitan wa malkulmawt ko ye wasat nass sey saabit hue. Fakhare Aalam ki wasat ilm ki kaun see nas qatai hai, jisasey tamam nasoos ko radd karke ek shirk saabit karta hai.

[ See the scan under " Deoband, Shaykh Gangohi and Wall]
I would like to know from Deobandi Scholars what is their belief about this knowledge of unseen possessed by Satan and angel of death? Do they think this knowledge is their Dhati ( self) knowledge or is it Ataee (given to them ) from Allah?

False Allegation
Almighty Allah Taãla is not always 'all knowing'. He finds out whenever necessary. (Taqwiyatul Eemaan pg. 26).

This is an open Calumny and a False Accusation. This sentence is not written at all in 'Tawiyatul Eemaan' that 'Allah Taãla is not always "all knowing". He finds out when necessary.


The statement is very much present.

I don’t know which edition of Taqwiyatul Iman was checked by the author of this article.

Presently I have access to many editions of Taqwiyatul Iman , printed in India and also Kingdom of Saud ( Riyadh edition).
Taqwiya tul iman salfiyah Varanasi 1986
" " " " " " 1987
" " " faruqi press Delhi 1895
" " " mujtabai press Delhi ( 1900 )
" " " jayyed press Delhi (1937)
" " " Muhsini press culcutta ( 1954)
Deoband edition 1976
Bombay edition 1987
Mubarakpur edition 1997
Kanpur,1905 edition
1920, Delhi edition
1990, Riyadh edition ( was distributed freely to Urdu speaking pilgrims on Hajj during that year!!)

The extant of fabrications found in these editions cannot be explained here. To expose these fabrications one need to write a book on this subject.

Coming back to the topic.

This is the statement in all editions of Taqywiyatul Iman printed before 1980.

The Urdu wordings are

“is tarah zahir ki cheezon ko daryaft karna logon ke ikhtiyar mein hain. Jab chahein karein jab chahein na karein . So is tarah ghayb ka daryaft karna apaney ikhtiyar mein ho ki jab chahey kar lijiye yeh Allah sahab hee ki shank hai kisee wali wa nabi ko jinn ko,farishto ko….


“ To find out about the clear worldy matters is with in the prerogatives of Human beings. They can chose when to make an inquiry and when not to. Like wise to find out about the matters of the unseen ( ghayb) is with in the contol/ authority ( Ikhtiyar) of Allah, when He wants He does it….

Now as per the forefather of Deobandis , the attributes of Allah ( all knowing)is not always present with Him and was not always with Him . As per Mawlana Ismail Dehalvee, the attributes of Allah come into existence with time ( hawadith) and Allah is not always in the possession of all type of knowledge.

It is upon the scholars to decide what is the ruling on these type of statement.

Just to remind , this is the same book” Taqwiyatil Iman” regarding which Mawlana Rashid Ahmed said in his fatwa “ to keep this book and to read this book is the REAL ISLAM ( ayn islam) and a means to save from hardship .

I would like to know from my deobandi friends which book was used by the muslims before taqwiyatul Iman was written?

A couple of days back, one of my friends informed me about the Deobandi propaganda on internet. After fabricating in their own books, now they have started spreading lies on internet! It is a well known fact that Deobandis have made fabrications in many books including, Behasti Zewar ( Heavenly Ornamanets) . I wanted to show the scans of fabrications from this book on this forum, but the deleted content were so objectionable that I decided not to talk about it. The fabrications being carried out in other books were already shown in earlier post. New version of Fazaile Aamaal has changes too. To know about the Deobandi fabrication and mistranslation in hadith books, one must look at the works of Pakistani Shaykh Allama Akhatr Shahjahanpuri (rh), who provided many reference of Deobandi fabrication in his hadith books.

When America wanted to attack Iraq, it spread the lies of weapon of mass destruction and the alleged relation between Al Qaida and Saddam Hussein. The media got carried away by this news and the whole world was talking about Iraq having WMD. Be it news channel or printing media, every one had the same headline of Iraq having WMD. Years later it was confirmed that there is no such WMD in Iraq. This is the era of fourth generation war, where media propaganda is used to change public mentality. The same methodology is adopted by Deobandis who have tried to present the works of their past scholars in a “good looking’ way, alleging that all charges against their scholars are false and an attempt to paint Deobandi scholars in a wrong way.

There is an article which is available on many Deobandi website with the heading

‘False Allegations against Deobandi Ulama: ANSWERED’
. This is a case of broad day light robbery! Deobandis have denied that no such objectionable statement is present, in the books of their Scholar.

This is a short article, with scans, to bring the facts from their own books, which they are denying now! Deobandis have used the term “False Allegation” and then they have provided some clarification on those false allegations. I will quote from Deobandi website first and will provide scans to show that the truth of the matter is something else.

The False Allegation
Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, a founder of Deobandi Movement has the following beliefs:

1. The Almighty Allah can speak a lie. (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 1 pg. 20)


Why to leave other Deobandi giants? Why do they feel ashamed to tell that this ugly belief was first propagated by their forefather, Ismaeel Dehalvee, who wrote in his Persian Book‘Yek roza”

Here is the scan from Yek Roza , a book in Persian Language , written by Shah Ismail Dehalvee.

The Persian statement is as follows(page 17)

"Aqul agar murad az muhaal mutmane lizaatihi ast keh tehat qudrat ilahoya dakhil neest pas la nusallim keh kizb(Jhoot) ba mani mastoor ba shad cheh muqadima qiziyya ghair mutabiqa mawaqe o ilqaye aan bar malaika o anbiya kharij az qudrat e Ilahiya neest wala lazim aaid keh qudrat e insaani azaaid az qudrat e Rabbani ba shad cheh aqade qizziya ghair mutabiq lilwaqea o alqaae aan bar mukhatibeen dar qudrat aksar afrade insani ast."

Rough Translation

It is possible for Allah to be a liar.If you do not accept this , then Human being's ability will be considered more than Allah's ability.

( It means , since Human can lie and if some one thinks Allah cannot lie , then this will mean Allah's ability is less than Human ability...)
( Maaz Allah)

And then the later Deobandi scholars wrote only to defend this claim.

Mawlana Khaleel Ambaithwi writes in his

Book : Braheen e Qaatiya
Page : 6
Publisher : Kutub Khana Imdadiya, Deoband [scan]


Mawalana Khaleel Ambethavi writes

"This issue of “imkan e kidhb is not a recentl issue, but in past people have discussed whether Khalf e waid ”(Allah can give Paradise to even sinners like Pharoah/ Abu Jahal, going against His own ruling) is possible or not. Hence we find in Durrul Mukhtar it is written Khalf e waid is possible /permissible ( jayaz)or not, and Asharis are in support of it because the Asharis do not consider it as an imperfection , rather they consider it as a Mercy of Allah."

( Hence in past people said that if Allah gives paradise to a sinner , it will be due to mercy of Allah)

Here we see how Mawlana Khaleel Ambaithvee is bringing a quote from Durrul Mukhtar on Khalf e waid to use it on Imkan e kIdhb.!

More ever people in Past called it as a mercy of Allah and not as a lie of Allah. ( Mawalana Khaleel has himself quoted this )

Same , Mawlana Khaleel Ambethvee writes in his

Book : Braheen e Qaatiya
Page : 274
Publisher : Kutub Khana Imdadiya, Deoband[scan]

"This is the meaning of Imkaan-e-Kizb (possibility of telling a lie) that Allah Ta`ala has the power of telling lies but this will not happen."

Mawlana Rashid Ahmed says in his fatawa
Page No 97 .. "Pas Sabit Howa Key Kizb Dakhil-e-Qudarat-e-Bari Ta'ala Wa Ala Hai"

" Hence , it is now established that to Lie is with in the possibility of Allah subhanahu wa taala"

Deobandis not only give the possibility of Lying and cruelty to the Power of Allah , but they also give the possibility of ALL BAD ACTS ( afaal’ e qabeeha)

Book: Al Jahd Al Muqeel

Author: Shaykh Mahmoodul Hasan Al Deobandi

Page : 41
Publisher : Maktaba Madniyya Urdu Bazar Lahore

Afaal e kabeeha(bad acts) ko Qudrat e Qadeema Haq Taala Shanahu say kiun kar khaarij keh saktay hain


“How can we say that it is out of the power of Allah that , He cannot perform bad acts

Crow is not only halal ,but one gets reward for eating crow.

Fatwa Rashidiya,page 597.

Question: In those places where people consider consumption of Crow as Haram and bad, if some one eats crow meat at such place, will he get rewards?

Answer: yes ( by Mawlana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi)

Deobandi argument is that to keep a Mubah( permssible) thing as Halal in eye of people , this act, if done , will bring reward. But the same deobandi sect says that to celeberate mawlid to educate people about life of prophet is Biddah!


I don't want to stop all those who eat crow to get rewards and neither will I recommend it to some one. Please consult your local scholar and find out the condition of local crow population.

All this is permisisble, but celeberating mawlid is a biddah. ( fatwa rashidiya)

The Deobandi tawil( interpretation) is that since eating crow is permissible( Mubah), and if a mubah act is thought to be Haram, then to keep it halal in the eyes of people , one must eat it and if done for this purpose , then we will get reward.

Strangely ,the list of halal animals present on their website does NOT have crow!

I ask Deobandis , why is that Istighatha , Mawlid , Urs and many other acts which are permissible in Islam is called shirk , biddah and kufr by deobandis? To make the matter more devastating , Deobandi fatwa book says , to hug and shake hands only on Eid ul fitr and eid ul Azha is an act of Biddah!

I have never seen any one in my life eating crow. Why don’t deobandis make an attempt to keep this mubah ( permissible) act alive? Why don’t they eat crows? Imagine if all Indian Deobandis start eating crow! Soon , crow will be listed in the ‘ endangered species ‘ list!

The Ahlus sunnah make every attempt to keep all those acts alive which brings people closer to Islam., which helps people to know more about life and teachings of prophet and to inform people about the great scholars of Islam

Question:The word' Rahmatulilaalameen ;is only for prophet (sal allahu alaihiwassalam) or it can be used for any one else?

Answer: The word' Rahmatulilaalameen' ( mercy for the entire creation)is not reserved for prophet ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam),infact awliya and other prophet and scholars of deoband ( ulma-e-rabanayn) are also mercy for this ummah. Prophet ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) is highest among all these people.Therefore if this word is used for others it is permissible.


Fatwa of Kufr upon Mawlana Shibli Nomani by Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvee

Mawlana Abdul Majid Daryabadi was a student and Khalifah of Mawlana Ahsraf Ali thanvee. He wrote a famous book” Hakimul Ummah”. In this book he mentions one letter which he received from Mawlana Amin Ahmed Islahi, who was incharge of ‘madarsatul Islah’, a madarsa in Azamgarh ( a town in India). This madarsa was started and managed by Mawlana Shibli Nomani and Mawlana Hamiduddeen farahi.

Here is the translation of the letter sent by Mawlana Amin Ahmed Islahi to Mawlana Abdul Majid Daryabadi.

“The Fatwa of Mawlana ( Ashraf ali ) Thanvee has been published that Mawlana Shibli nomani and Mawlana Hamiduddeen farahi are kafir and since madarsatul Islah is run and managed by these two ,hence madarsatul Islah is a madarsa of Kufr and Zindika. All those scholars who will promote this madarsa and participate in the functions of this madarsa they all will be out of deen. ( Mulhid and baydeen)”

( Hakimul Ummat, page 475).

After receiving this letter, Mawlana Abdul Majid Daryabadi wrote a letter to his teacher and guide Mawlana Ashraf ali thanvee , that how can these two scholars (shibli nomani and Hamiduddeen farahi) be kafir when they are so punctual in Tahjjud salah,their zuhud and taqwa( piety) is so well known?

This is the reply Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee . This reply has also been quoted by Mawlana Abdul Majid Daryabadi in his book” Hakimul Ummah”.

“ All these are deeds . Aqidah is different from all these things. It is possible that bad deeds can be present with good aqidah (belief) and good deeds can be present with bad aqidah”

( Hakimul Ummat ,page 476)

The Urdu wording says
“ yeh sab amaal wa ahwaal hai. Aqaeed unsay judagana cheez hai. Sehat aqaaed ke saath fasaade amaal wa ahwaal aur fasade aqaeed ke saath sehate amaal wa ahwaal jama ho sakta hai”.

This is something for the deobandis to think and ponder. Was Mawlana Ashraf ali thanvee correct in issuing this fatwa of kufr against Mawlana Shibli and Mawlana Hamiduddeen? And his argument that ‘deeds does not matter , it is the aqidah which matters”.

If his argument was correct , then please decide what is the ruling on those people who have this aqidah of not calling kufr as kufr?

The analysis of this fatwa and similar rulings with regard to corrupt aqidah is upon people to think and decide.






Mawlana Ismail Dehalvi , the forefather of Deobandi Jammat, wrote a book” Sirate Mustaqeem” in Persian language. This book has been translated in urdu language and published many times by Deoband.

Mawlana Ismail Dehalvi narrates a very interesting incidence about his murshid ( spiritual teacher), Sayyed Ahmed Barelvi.

Please read this and see this cold blooded murder of Deobandi belief in the writing of their forefather.

“ Once , there was a fight between the spirits (ruh) of Hazrat Gauth us saqalain( shaykh Abdul qadir gilani rh) and Hazrat Khawaja Bahuddin Naqshband for over 1 month. The spirits were fighting over the issue that who will give spiritual training to Sayed Ahmed Barelwi. The spirits of both of these shaykh ( shaykh Abdul Qadir gilani and Khawaja Bahuddin Naqshband) wanted to be “proud” of being the only one to give training to Sayed Ahmed Barelwi.

After fighting for 1 month the spirits of both these shaykh agreed that they both will give training to Sayed Ahmed Barelwi. Therefore,one day the spirits( Ruh )of both these shaykhs appeared on sayed Ahmed Barelwi and with full effect and concentration gave the “spiritual effect” .The effect was so strong that Sayed Ahmed Barelwi got linked ( nisbat) with both ( Qadri and Naqshbandi) silsila ( sufi order).

( Sirate mustaqeem, Persian , page 166)

This is their love and respect for their scholars and 'murshid"! They elevate them above shaykh Abdul qadir gilani Rh and Khwaja Bahuddin Naqshband!

Even spirits are fighting !

And when it comes to our beloved prophet ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) , then their mind and pen cannot think of good words. They use derogatory words for prophet.


Appreciating the hard work you put into your blog and in depth information you offer. It's great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same outdated rehashed material. Great read! I've saved your site and I'm including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

exelent proof collections. jazakallah. mere pyare.

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